All About Data Backup

What is a backup?
For this week’s blog entry, we will discuss an important part of your computer experience that is often overlooked. Data backup. A data backup is a copy of your computer’s information that you can use to recover all your important documents and settings.

Why Backup Your Data?
Just as your real estate agent would recommend for you to purchase house insurance, we always recommend that you insure your data against disaster. All of the information you need to use your computer is stored on a piece of hardware called a hard drive. A hard drive uses modern technology to write your data on spinning magnetic disks. While it is an incredibly efficient way to store data, it is a physically fragile system.  Data written on these disks can be destroyed by water damage, moving a computer while it’s in use, by an electrical storm, or even by any magnet that gets too close.

What is the best way to protect my data?
We strongly recommend using an online backup service. We have partnered with Mozy Pro Online to provide a premier data protection solution. Using only a small program we install on your computer, we transfer your data over the internet where it will be stored securely on Mozy Pro’s servers. This transfer is not only performed safely and confidentially, but it is done when your computer is not in use so that you can have a hassle and worry free data backup experience.

If you have any further inquiries or you wish to sign up, please contact us at

-Quinton Babcock, Computer Technician


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