Scam Warning! “Microsoft” Remote Service Scam

It would seem your mother’s advice “Don’t talk to strangers!” is once again correct. Recently, we have seen numerous customers fall victim to a phone scam that works like this:

1) You receive a cold call from someone claiming to be “Microsoft” or another well-known company. Sometimes victims of this scam will accidentally call someone they believe is windows support or another company after an Internet search for help. The scammer then connects remotely to your computer.

2) After installing scanning software, which may or may not be legit, the scammer will then tell you that you have a virus and/or malware on your computer.

3) The scammer informs you that in order to fix the problem you will need to purchase a subscription to their support service. They will typically ask for your credit card number. There have been instances where, once you decline to purchase a support subscription, they lock you out of your computer.

In a situation like this, the best thing to remember is that organizations like Microsoft, “Windows”, and Google will NEVER call you. On the rare chance that they do call, they will never ask for money or access to your computer. In fact, there is usually no reason for anyone other than your trusted computer service provider to connect remotely to your computer. If you have any doubt as to who is calling, please contact us immediately.

-Quinton Babcock, Joel Mann


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