The Death of Internet Explorer

The Death of Internet Explorer
The final nail has been put in the coffin of Internet Explorer. On March 17, 2015, Microsoft made an official announcement stating that they were finished with the web browser that previously came pre-installed with all versions of Windows. The next operating system, Windows 10, may or may not come with a web browser, but it will definitely not come with one named “Internet Explorer.” Internet Explorer is done.
It is finished.


To back up for a moment, a web browser is a program which allows someone using a computer to view websites. Web browsers are the programs that have an address bar at the top, where you would type in “www.[whatever].com” to view that site. Web browsers other than Internet Explorer include Mozilla Firefox (my recommended browser), Google Chrome, and Safari on Apple products.

In order to stay on top of the competition, Microsoft has discontinued Internet Explorer and is in the process of creating a new web browser. Microsoft currently calls the in-development browser “Project Spartan.” While Internet Explorer is the most popular web browser, it has received a bad reputation from many computer technicians as a serious security risk. Arguably, this reputation is at least partly undeserved. Due to the sheer popularity of the web browser and the fact that it is installed on every Microsoft operating system, the chances of a security breach are elevated.
What does this all mean? Right now, we still need to wait and see. However, there is a degree of certainty that there will no longer be the familiar blue and gold “e” on your future Windows 10 computer.
Arrivederci, Internet Explorer.

-Matt Milbrodt, Woodville Store Manager


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