Meet CCleaner Cloud

Imagine if you could have a computer technician monitoring your computer 24/7 that also cleans up after you for only 16 cents a day. With CCleaner Cloud, that dream is a reality!

If you’ve had us service your computer in the past year, we most likely installed CCleaner Cloud. We included your first-year subscription with our PC Optimization package deals. You may have already received an invoice from us notifying you of the renewal. In either case, let me explain why a CCleaner Cloud subscription is a good investment.

First, CCleaner Cloud cleans up after you. When you are browsing the Internet, there is a trail left on your computer. The trail usually consists of all the images, cookies, and downloads that can tend to slow your computer down and/or make your computer more vulnerable to malicious attack. CCleaner Cloud is NOT virus protection. However, CCleaner Cloud works very well in concert with AVG/AVAST Antivirus, which we also sell.

Second, CCleaner Cloud is monitoring your computer’s health 24/7 and sending that information to our CCleaner dashboard. If there is an issue with your computer, we are notified by CCleaner Cloud and we will usually make contact to go over solutions. Note: The information that is sent to CCleaner Cloud is NOT private information, such as files, documents or web history.

Finally, CCleaner Cloud is designed as a Set-it-and-forget-it app. Once we install it, it will quietly work its magic in the background. You don’t have to do anything!  It just works.

For more information on CCleaner Cloud, please email us at, call 419.972.4167 or stop by our store in Williston.   

To purchase an annual subscription now, Click Here



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